July 13, 2009

Canada Blooms

Now that I have your attention...

Canada Blooms is bringing Adam and Eve back to the Garden.


There are two enormous things that are working in Canada Blooms' favour for the 2010 show: the first is the location and the second is the theme.

Don't be fooled, the Direct Energy Centre isn't a better location than the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It is the fact that they are changing venues that makes all the difference.

This is going to be the best Canada Blooms in the next few years. The first show at the Toronto Congress Centre was spectacular, the first show at the Convention Centre was even better, so I'm thinking the first show at the new location is going to be the best one they will ever have there. The new location is going to energize creative thinking. New challenges are going to bring forth creative solutions. So if you are only ever going to see one more Canada Blooms, 2010 is it. After 2010, if Canada Blooms remains at the Direct Energy Building with the same directors, the challenges disappear and the event becomes rote.

Take, for example, the floor plan of Canada Blooms 2002, compared to Canada Blooms 2009. In 2002, you can see that the feature gardens are laid out in an organic style surrounding a central focal point.

Canada Blooms

In 2009 the feature gardens are laid out in typical convention style. It could be any convention. Only the small Garden Club of Toronto area retains a breath of excitement.

Canada Blooms

The theme, 'Passions', is a stroke of genius. Exhibitors are going to have to put their thinking caps on. Unfortunately Artistic Director Colomba Fuller says in the latest press release, "For the last 13 years, at Canada Blooms people have discovered different passions; not only a passion for gardening and horticulture, but a passion for design, food, wine, art, the environment, floral design, nature, to name but a few."

If Colomba is trying to throw cold water on the theme by calling it "everything" she couldn't have done a better job. The truth is that when everything is special, nothing is. Has she forgotten what passion is?

"She lay naked and faintly golden like a Gloire de Dijon rose on the bed."
D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Canada Blooms

To me "Passion" is Murder and Lust!

Now a crime of passion, while exciting and provocative, may not be the most appropriate story to tell while displaying garden products and materials, but Lust is.

Let's face it, lust in the garden is a story told since the Garden of Eden.

How do you make a garden setting passionate? I guess you put a "bed" in the flowerbed. If it's a "garden room" it's a Boudoir. I guess there will be plenty of red flowers surrounding beautifully built nude garden statuary.

Canada Blooms

In any case, I hope you have the opportunity to see it. I'm looking forward to it.

Canada Blooms

Always wanting to be prepared I've even found the tie I'm going to wear to the gala, scarlet with little flowers.

For more information on the show visit canadablooms.com


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