November 9, 2010

Hamilton Chrysanthemum Show

November 5, 2010

The Hamilton Fall Garden and Chrysanthemum Show was held this past week. It was the 90th Anniversary Show. The theme was “Hamilton, City of Waterfalls.”

The chrysanthemums on display are not the common garden variety. These are tender greenhouse exhibition forms. Spider, anemone, quills, spoons, pompons, and fantasy are just few of their names.

Gage Park Greenhouses

The Gage Park Greenhouses are a perfect venue for the show. It is easy to find and large enough house the show, lectures and sales. Hopefully Toronto will one day have such a show. Until then, it is worth the trip to Hamilton.

My video highlights some of the best varieties and displays.

For more information on the care and cultivation of chrysanthemums visit the Canadian Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society.

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Mark Disero

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