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The meetings for the Geranium, Pelargonium & Fuchsia Society of Ontario are always held at the Toronto Botanical Garden.

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Geranium, Pelargonium & Fuchsia Society of Ontario Show & Sale

Sunday, August 16, 2009.

Truth be told, even though I hadn't ever been to a Geranium (Pelargonium) Show, I thought I knew what to expect. There is usually a section for them in the various Toronto garden shows. I really do like Geraniums. I think I started to appreciate them more when I saw the collection at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

What I wasn't expecting was that the Toronto show would far surpass the Birmingham collection and be a fantastic source to obtain some of the most unusual and beautiful varieties.

The show was held at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. I decided to take transit into town and found that the botanic gardens were very easy to get to from the Eglinton subway station on the Lawrence East Bus 54. Originally the show was listed as starting at 10 am, but it was the judging that starts at 10 and the doors open to the public around noon. I was lucky to be let in early to photograph the show.

Toronto Botanical Gardens floral hall

Geraniums are exceptional house or conservatory plants because they often do double duty. When they aren't in flower many varieties have beautiful variegated and coloured leaves.

Geranium Leaves

Some varieties are grown exclusively because of the beautiful fragrance of the leaves.

Geranium Arrangement

There was a huge variety to see on display. If you were there you would have seen topiary varieties, miniatures, species (wild geraniums) and huge specimens on display.

Geranium Topiary
Miniature Geranium
Geranium crimithifolium

One really nice thing was that this was an opportunity to view never before shown cultivars. Here, William Grainger shows his own cultivar, 'Grainger's Antique Rose'

William Grainger

The Rosebud Geraniums have been around since 1870. This variety is a spontaneous mutation of the old cultivar, 'Appleblossom Rosebud'.

Grainger's Antique Rose Geranium
Grainger's Antique Rose Geranium

Because this is such a new discovery it is not yet available for purchase. Check with William at future shows for its' release date. I did purchase another Rosebud variety with a lighter pink colour and some red in the leaves called 'Barbara Hines'. There were many varieties for sale at the show. Here William and Tanya Grainger display a selection of some of the varieties they were selling.

William and Tanya Grainger
June Brett, MaryAnn Robinson and Pat Craven

June Brett, MaryAnn Robinson and Pat Craven were also there selling some really marvellous plants. I was determined not to buy many, but ended up getting 5 different kinds. I ended up spending a total of $11. I couldn't believe how inexpensive everything was.

Here are some of the varieties I managed to bring home with me.

'Vancouver Centennial', with leaves that look like red maple

Geranium Vancouver Centennial

'Tri-colour', which I think describes the look and isn't the official name

Geranium Tri-colour

'Friesdorf', a very famous dwarf variety

Geranium Friesdorf

Geranium tomentosa, a scented geranium, which to some people, has a scent of mint but I think it smells more like Eucalyptus.

Geranium tomentosa

The meetings for the Geranium, Pelargonium & Fuchsia Society of Ontario are always held at the Toronto Botanical Garden.


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