August 13, 2010

The Toronto Region Iris Society Auction and Sale

August 8, 2010

I attended the Toronto Region Iris Society Auction and Sale last Sunday at the Toronto Botanical Garden. Apart from the regular iris meetings there are two events worth attending: the Show in spring and the Auction in summer. The Auction is an opportunity to purchase the latest award winning German Bearded Irises.

Iris Sales Table

There was also an opportunity to learn about the latest in iris breeding trends.

In attendance was a wide range of iris aficionado, from the beginner to expert. Though the attendance wasn't great, it allowed the iris prices to remain affordable.

At one o'clock the Auction started, interrupted by draw prizes and then finally the table sales began. The whole thing lasted for about an hour.

Iris Cash Table

I highly recommend it and will have the next event listed as information becomes available.

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Mark Disero

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