November 7, 2010

Landscape Ontario Expo 2010

October 19, 2010

Landscape Ontario, one of the two organizations that bring us Canada Blooms, holds two trade shows every year. One is Landscape Ontario Congress and the other is Landscape Ontario's Expo.

Landscape Ontario Expo 2010

Landscape Ontario Congress is for the landscape and constructions industry. You will find large trucks and big earth moving equipment. There are also all sorts of hard scape products such as pavers, iron fences and block walls.

Expo, on the other hand, is for the floral and nursery industry.


It is a great way to see all of the new products that the wholesalers are offering. These sorts of products can extend nursery sales for an additional couple of months in the fall and early spring.

They would include non-perishable goods such as pots, garden ornaments, and furniture. The perishable goods would include spring and summer bulbs and a huge variety of cut flower options. These aren't your average cut flowers. Many are the latest varieties to be introduced. When you buy them from local suppliers you know they couldn't be fresher with a smaller carbon footprint.


Garden writers were invited to attend to spotlight in their columns and blogs the new products that are coming to retail stores next season.

It was also a nice opportunity to get together and hear all the latest news. Below you can see Belinda Gallagher sharing the story of her departure from the position of Head of Horticulture at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Landscape Ontario's Expo

Below is my video that covers much of the expansive show.

One of the standout products that you can see in the video was the illuminated planters available from Cogea Designs.

Another product of note is available through Willowbrook Wholesale Nurseries. They are offering a great cancer fundraising product line. The shrubs and perennials were being sold in special pink pots. Once the nurseries purchase them the royalty is paid to the cancer society. When you buy them in the stores, the retailer then recoups their donation. It seems like a very organized and safe way to make a contribution.

Willowbrook Nurseries

At the end of the first day, while a buffet dinner was being offered to the show participants, floral demonstrations were also being conducted in the hall outside. Below you can see Derrick Foss of Mex Y Can Trading.

Derrick Foss
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