April 17, 2010


A Play by Sky Gilbert

To my delight and horror, I can tell you that a new play has been created, inspired by our farm.

On Thursday night we went to Buddies in Bad Times Theatre to view Sky Gilbert's new play, Reconciliation.


Sky's visit to our farm inspired him to write a play based, if not on it's occupants, on it's landscape. The barn, outbuildings, isolation and Brant County aspects all played a role. Even the Emus made it into the story.

Mark & Beaker

While watching the play, we were repeatedly surprised and delighted by remarks and situations that reminded us of home.

Our only concern was that we would be confused with the dysfunctional brothers that are the focus of the play. “Truth be told”, these characters weren't people you would easily invite into your house, and there they were, in what was supposed to be our living room! There was also the ghost of the father who to me seemed very much like Bing Crosby from the old Minute Maid commercials.

The truth is I'm really quite flattered about the whole thing.

Reconciliation runs at Buddies until April 25th.

Mark Disero

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