October 1, 2010

Sherbourne Common

September 26, 2010

Last Sunday, I went to photograph lower Sherbourne Common. It is a new park at the base of Sherbourne St., part of the much larger East Bayfront project. The park serves a duel purpose as green space and storm water filtration.

What I found was a construction site, most of which was fenced off.

The best part of the park was the view from it.

Sherbourne Common

It had its official opening the Friday before. I must say I was confused as to why they would officially open a site that wasn't finished. I know that the north end of the park won't be officially opened until later this fall.

I thought about this for a while and realized that it may be one of two things. (Realize that these are just guesses, so it could be almost anything.)

Perhaps they came up with the date after talking to the contractor responsible for the park's completion. Most people know that contractors are notorious for two things, underestimating a budget and overestimating how quickly they can get a job done. You would figure a bureaucrat would be able to realize this.

Then it struck me that perhaps the reason they jumped the gun on its opening has far more to do with the date of the upcoming municipal election. It would allow for a citywide press opportunity several weeks before people vote on October 25th. (Pat on the backs all round for job well done!)

But it isn't well done, so don't go until next year.

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