May 4, 2011

Frankie Flowers at the Successful Gardening Show

April 1, 2011

The Successful Gardening Show is a small part of the much larger International Home Show. It doesn't have the landscape installations that Canada Blooms has, but it is still a favourite of many of the Toronto horticultural societies. This is proven by their regular participation and by the quality of the material in the plant and flower competitions.

(Viewers on certain mobile devices will be able to see the video now on Vimeo!)

There are many of the same speakers at both of the shows. Because the attendance isn't as massive at Successful Gardening you have the chance to really connect with them. I had a chance to feature Frankie (Ferragine) Flowers in this brief video. He is a local television personality and is promoting his first book 'Get Growing.'

Get Growing by Frankie Flowers

The book is a clear straightforward guide for the beginner. The photographs, by Shannon j. Ross, are beautiful and make following Frankie's advice easy.

Carson Arthur, Beth Edney, Frank Ferragine Flowers

While I was there I ran into several other familiar faces. Here are Carson Arthur and Beth Edney with Frank. Both Carson and Beth were at Successful Gardening as part of the lecture series.

Carson Arthur

Carson had also participated with Fern Ridge Landscaping by designing a back yard garden as part of a 'Make-A-Wish' Foundation project. His design will allow 16 year old Edward, who has Spinal Atrophy, to enjoy his back garden for first time because it is completely wheelchair accessible. Edward has spent the last 14 years in his wheelchair and has suffered years of surgery, recovery and rehabilitation. I'm sure this summer is going to be one he will not forget.

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Mark Disero

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